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So, just what exactly is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy which has its roots in China and India over 4000 years ago. There is an image of the practice being carried out in the tomb of the Egyptian physician, Ankmahor, in Saqqara which is approximately 2500 years old. Reflexology became popular in the west during the last Century thanks to pioneers in America such as Dr William Fitzgerald and Eunice Ingham.

A reflexologist will use the feet (or hands and occasionally ears) to access reflex points that correspond to organs, glands and joints which do so much to regulate the structure and function of the various systems within the body. A practitioner will manipulate each of these reflex points during a comprehensive foot massage and aim to clear any areas that may be blocking the free flow of energy, or “chi”, around the body.

The ultimate aim is to bring the body to a balanced level of homeostasis so that a person can reach and maintain a true sense of well-being.

A qualified reflexologist will have a sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology. They will understand how each of the body’s systems interacts with each other and be able to give advice on possible changes to life style.

Reflexology should not take the place of medical advice, although it can comfortably work alongside conventional medical care and can be beneficial to all age groups.

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet (and hands) which correspond to every joint, gland and organ of the body. Through the application of pressure on these reflex points reflexology relieves tension in the nervous system, stimulates circulation and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body. The benefits of reflexology can include -

- an easing of tension
- a sense of overall well-being
- mood improvement
- better relaxation
- improved sleeping patterns

If you have been under stress, feeling unwell, injured, or are suffering from a chronic condition your body will be in a state of imbalance. Reflexology can be used to help restore and maintain the body's natural equilibrium and encourage healing.

Stress can effect many systems of the body and if it becomes long term or chronic then damage may occur. This damage can effect health and well-being which in turn can make life more difficult to enjoy.

Reflexology is an accumulative treatment and in order to tackle a particular problem it is recommended that clients have a minimum of six regular treatments to maximise the benefits.

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